Offer a beautiful natural death to your wife with feng shui

feng_shui_le_havre_normandieClassic Yang Gong Feng Shui, Yu Che Jing 玉尺 经 warns against some harmful configurations, here is an illustration.

戌 乾 为 鼓 盆 之 煞. This bad Qi is called « Drum Basin », and according to the story when Zhuangzi lost his wife he beat a drum to show his pain.

Bad Water on a house associated with a particular facing orientation causes this bad Qi. But what’s going on when you have neighborhoods where houses are arranged in a line, with similar orientations?

Simple … let nature take its course, women die one after the other.

You want to buy there, ok… private message …. if interested i can find the same for husbands…

And this is just pure coincidence that this article is published on the 13th …