Mystery. But what happened to this abandoned village of Courbefy?

Mystery. But what happened to this abandoned village of Courbefy?


Without knowledge of this ancient Chinese science feng shui *, we can be like the common mortals led to ask us questions about the fatality linked to a place, here the case of this village which has been known for decades various misfortunes various acquirers. Death, bankruptcy …

* Feng shui is a science that analyzes the action of the Mountain (Shan) and Water (Shui) to help for placing and orientate living spaces. Natural elements of the environment that act directly on the quality of life of the inhabitants of our world.

So can we say that there is an inevitability about places or simply do not know how we can adapt to it?

We can apply the rule that is to say what has changed since the 70 date when this village was still inhabited without any problem.

New construction? All new buildings can bring new fortunes or misfortunes according to the Feng Shui. I will not talk about decorating feng shui to the delight of magazines or the San He and San Yuan which are simplified versions of the true feng shui in our country called traditional feng shui.
Only original feng shui, called Yang Gong Feng Shui has the ability to analyze the action of the Mountains, surrounding the water quality of life for residents and use what we call the empty sectors (or Da Wang Kong). Using these empty areas is hazardous  for an orientation of a building, and when these effects are reinforced by combinations to avoid with certain qualities of mountains or Dragons, you have to be very careful.

Yu Han Jing 玉涵 经 is one of the greatest classics of Yang Gong Feng Shui and the particular configuration adopted in this village is mentioned there. As such these texts say?

« Do not use and in addition to the star named Hsu 虚, this combination provides:

  • sickness
  • widow
  • people die young
  • bankruptcy

Then this case comes from the unknown or fatality, or the man’s ability to have forgotten how to adapt to its environment to reap all its benefits?

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