Some cities have the sad record FOR LUNG DISEASES.

Some cities have the sad track record of providing a breeding ground for diseases.

Trigram Xun 巽 is linked to the Chinese medicine meridian of the gallbladder, Zu Shao Yang. This Xun meridian represents the Wind and affects the human body related to it. Various lung problems, asthma.

The feng shui of course has his response and this trigram Xun is monitored. It Enough to have a water Xun area that lies south-east on a 45 ° zone poorly activated on a city to have a 20% chance to cause a problem with this trigram.

Le Havre, this city has a water, the Seine present in this sector.

Pollution, pollen, are lines of research envisaged by our scientists, but this hypothesis does not provide sufficient evidence to solve this problem. Highly industrialized cities like our city of Le Havre, this presents problems, but pollution in this city is not really stronger than other cities because the « polluted » area is located east of the city, which is swept by sea from the west winds. So this assumption falls apart because we find people affected in the east and in the west of this city.

Along here is the list of the most affected by asthma in the US cities.

  1. Saint-Louis  Missouri.feng-shui-conseils-le-havre-normandie2
  2. Milwaukee , Wisconsin ,
  3. Birmingham , Alabama ;
  4. Chattanooga , Tennessee
  5. Charlotte , North Caroline


All these cities have a presence of natural water measured Xun in this sector and this is the way to capture the quality of Qi with your surrounding habitat that will decide whether you affect the health of people with this trigram.
Your house would have an action on health ?
Simply ask yourself the right questions, have you met new health problems since you live in your home.
The quality of your life has changed since you it moving, because this action identified by the trigrams, beyond the health problems, also identify the problems on your quality of life, your family harmony, your career.

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