Le chemin de l’apprentissage du feng shui vu par un maitre de Taïwan

Un maitre de Taiwan explique, après avoir eu un parcours de 28 ans dans les sciences métaphysiques taoïstes, avoir trouvé la réponse à ce qu’il cherchait en 2006 en apprenant le Yang Gong Feng Shui directement de Grand Maitre Li Ding Xin, dans la ville de Ganzhou en Chine. Site en chinois

Il explique à la fin de son article qu’il est impossible de faire un bon feng shui sans utiliser le Yang Gong Feng Shui.


Et vous où en êtes-vous avec vos audits en feng shui San He et San Yuan ?



Lien de l’article:


My way to Fengshui

     I major in Art and Craft Design and start to work as a sculptor of religious statues. On account of the job, I have dealt with lots of male and female believers. When they feel hopeless about life, the only thing they can do is to talk to God. Due to this situation, they are easily cheated of money by the quacks that pretend to be able to connect with God. “Always put yourself in other’s shoes” – I take that as my motto and also my code of conduct. In order to assist those believers, I cannot help falling in Wu-Shu.

     At the beginning, I choose to learn Numerology and spend eight years on studying BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny). It is very disappointed to find that lifehas been set down after birth. Even if I know one’s fate is good or not, it does not help. Nothing can be changed. Imagine that I predict someone is going to die after three days. I tell him the truth and make him anxious and upset for three days to death. But if he knows nothing about this, he probably will live happily and die unwittingly. He will pass away no matter what, but I am the one who makes him die in sorrow. That is why I keep searching a way to improve life and finally figure out that only Fengshui can help people seek luck and avoid calamity. 

When I try to know more about Fengshui, I discover that the true knowledge of it is usually esoteric. Lots of quacks who teach Fengshui in pubic know nothing or just superficial knowledge about it. This makes it so difficult for me in my learning process. I spend the first ten years to learn but still do not get the right one. No wonder people say that Fengshui is bizarre in that fake feng shui is everywhere. 

      In 1988, I met Teacher Li,Hu-Shan and became one of his pupils. Finally I knew the whole story about Yangzhai (residence of the living) and got 50% knowledge of Yinzhai(burial site-residence of the dead). In 2006, I learned Yang Gong Fengshui from Teacher Li Ding-Xin in Ganzhou. He was the one who made my Fengshui knowledge complete.     

     The first time I learned about Fengshui was from Teacher Yang, Cheng-He who used to be the Associate Professor of Philosophy in National Taiwan University. He gave the lecture in Torch Of Wisdom publishing house and taught meditation, basic theory of I-Ching (The Book of Changes), Numerology and Fengshui as well. 2nd : Learning Yinzhai (入地眼from Mao,Chang-Jan (Changsha, China)3rd : Learning San Yuan Xuan Kong(三元玄空) from Tang, Cheng-Yi (Hunan, China) 4th : Learning Fengshui of Houtien Sect (後天派風水) from Li,Hu-Shan (Shandong, China) 5th : Learning Fengshui of Yang Gong(楊公嫡傳絕學directly from Li, Ding-Xin, the pupil of Li, Sa-Su (Ganzhou, China)     Teacher Li, Ding-Xin is already eighty-six years old. During the Chinese civil war, he hibernated in the mountains between Fujian, Guangdong and Guangxi and studied intensively in Fengshui of Master Kuo, Pu and Yang, Yun-Sung. In the ninetiesTeacher Li decided to show the true Fengshui to the world. Until now, he has sixtyyear experiences in the practice of Fengshui.

     Thanks God for letting me encounter so many teachers from different Sects and letting me learn masterly caliber and unique skill from them. Before my age of 40, I spend almost all my earnings on studying Fengshui. Now I do not feel regretful because Fengshui can be used to predict good things and bad things so that I can help myself and others as well. Moreover, I can feel the life and the breath of mountains and rivers. I can feel the undulation, the repeat and the changes of human beings’ life. Through connecting with nature, it seems that I find another me in depth.      Till 2006, I’d already learned Fengshui for 28 years. In the fall of 2006, I learned Yang Gong Fengshui(楊公嫡傳絕學) directly from Master Li, Ding-Xin in Ganzhou, China. Because of my Fengshui knowledge from Houtien Sect, 20-year experience in mountain-climbing and drangon’s vein finding and being enlightened by Master Li, I finally integrated Hsiao-Feng-Na-Shui Method of Yang Gong (楊公消峰納水法)and Yangzhai Yingzhai method of Houtien Sect into a complete Fengshui Study. After umpteenth mutual proof, I realized that to find the real Longxue (Dragon cave龍穴) which can bring wealth and social position is impossible if not using Yang Gong Fengshui. 

      People always regard Fengshui as supernaturalism and mystery. In order to get rid of that stereotype and to avoid those quacks from ruining the name of Fengshui, we should positively show the real Fengshui to the world and let all the people know that Fengshui is indeed a science which can keep them safe and help them find their happiness.