Retour sur un préaudit à Ho Chi Minh

This is the first time i get a great conversation about fengshui, I got amazing about your advices to my house, my area – where i live! Although, you and i live in different countries! One in France, one in Vietnam! But the way you tell me, advice me! Its very friendly! You are a trustable person! Thanks for your advices! I really appreciate it!

You was right about the year 2013, my mother got problems with her eyes and my father dead in the same year by a stroke, his heart was stopped! Just like you said, that year, fire Qi got a problem, so, my house – my area cause that thing to my parents!

I’m getting some scandals after that year 2013 just like the way you said to me! You explain so clearly! Thanks.

From Ho Chi Minh town, Viet Nam.


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