The best for your life with feng shui

Changing the orientation of a front door to change your life, you believe it? This client believed it.
A client asked me for a pre-audit of her house, I explained to her what she lived there, she and her family, the death of her husband in 2015 from a lung problem… This story was explained from the orientation of its front door, which was not the main front door of the house, but a cellar service door used for years.
People are like cats, if the choose a door they naturally choose the one with the best feeling. Verification done, it is actually this service door that is placed on the best facade of this house. Too bad the story made from the orientation of this door in its natural environment is not very good.

The solution of feng shui is to modify this orientation of door by giving it an angle which allows it to correctly capture this quality of Qi available at the door. New door orientation = new story and this door that you see being wedged on the right angle will offer a new story to this family. My client’s goal was to revive her and her children.

Feng shui accomplished its mission, the energy returns to this young retired woman and her lost artistic tastes are coming back.
His son, for whom I am looking for a new home because of his bad feng shui … has just been chosen, to his amazement, for a good promotion which he did not believe in among many candidates in his business. Indeed despite the bad feng shui of its current place of life, a family house continues to act on the children who lived there, and his son who left the family nest a few years ago was able to benefit from this good feng shui optimizing to the nearest degree the new orientation of this door.

Thanks to the Yang Gong Feng Shui which was the feng shui that the Emperors of China reserved for themselves.

Feng Shui can do your life better.

Want the best for your life, ask it at your house, a free pre-audit where you will not be given any recommendations will tell you what you and your family are going through, a change in door orientation will give you a new life and new opportunities. But do not forget that feng shui uses the same bases as Chinese medicine and if a doctor determines the imbalances of your meridians by taking your pulse, a master in feng shui will explain to you what you are going through when interpreting the quality Qi entering your home and bathing your life … Advice if a feng shui master cannot identify what you are going through when reading the orientation of your front door … leave him outside, he will not be able to help you in any way.