The Yin Feng Shui, do you know it ?

All the people who have approached feng shui have heard about Yin feng shui, it is a facet that we generally see from very far when we approach feng shui in the West. Ignoring this facet is like to overlook the basis of what is feng shui, because we must not forget, as evidenced of the great classic of Feng Shui by Grand Master Guo Pu, the Book of Burials, Feng Shui has started from there, by the yin feng shui or feng shui of the deceased, before being applied to dwellings or Yang Feng Shui or feng shui yang of the living.

Myself who was trained in Malaysia and China, by specialists like Master Yang Kim Voon, I admit having abandoned this facet of feng shui for a few years, until the evidence of this yin feng shui imposes itself to me, falling on cases of customers where disasters happened in families … because of the grave of their ancestors.

This type of feng shui is more powerful than feng shui from Yang dwellings and practicing this type of feng shui is very specialized and as we say « you must not miss », because in China tradition says that a bad doctor can kill only one person at a time while a bad feng shui master can decimate a family in one time. The cases that I observed during my audits bear witness to this. However, a well-made grave can bring more superior feng shui than feng shui offered by a house, and therefore in the same way a house with good feng shui cannot counteract the effects of a tomb.

This tomb is finished today after having selected a date suitable for this intervention, according to the Chinese tradition of the old school of Yang Gong Feng Shui of Ganzhou 赣 州 杨 公 风 水 古 法 墓. An intervention which aroused many curiosities.

1919 – 2018, missed the centenary for a few months, this person benefited from energies which favored longevity on his house, but this burial will continue to help his children and grandchildren as he always did in his lifetime, this burial favoring in priority his 3rd child according to his wishes. So donate their organs or help their descendants to live better as this person did, it’s up to you.